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This memorial website was created in the memory of our loved one, Emma Joy Handschuh who was born in Texas on May 29, 2005 and passed away on December 27, 2005 . We will remember her forever.
Emma Joy, mommy loves you and misses you very much. you are the prettiest girl in the world. you have the most beautiful smile and bright blue eyes. everytime i look in the mirror i see a part of you. you will always be with me and i with you. untill i see you again, your forever mommy. i love you

emma has the prettiest blue eyes and baby fine blonde hair that you have ever seen. the cuttest little giggle in the world. her big smile would do nothing but make you smile yourself. emma has 2 brothers that will miss her very much. she was begining to bounce around all over the place on her back. i can not wait to see the person you will have become when i see you again. i love you my little joy-joy. your mommy
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Sweet Emma   / Grandma Handschuh (grandma)
I sure do love u alot.  We made a new headboard to go over our bed.  It is a three paneled photo album and we have some pix of you and your brothers.  Everytime I want to see you I can look up and see you.  There is one pix of u w...  Continue >>
we have alot to be thankful for   / Mommy (mommy)
hi beautiful just look at that smile. i am so thankful that the Lord allowed me to carry you and bring you into this world. you are my little girl my joy-joy.  your big brothers were here last week it was awesome!!!  your short 7 months her...  Continue >>
My Hon   / Grandpa Handschuh (Grandpa)
So Happy am I of my Emma So Proud to be your Grandpa I love you so much Hon I miss you my little one but I know I will be seeing you and spending time with you some day.  So many kisses are coming your way! As a matter of fact I have seale...  Continue >>
Happy  / Grandpa Handschuh (Gramps)
Emma we are all so much better people for having you in our lives and hearts.  I love your smile and see it so often.  I know you are all smiles today.  Such a happy day because you are in our hearts.  Your joy and happiness w...  Continue >>
Merry Christmas, Emma   / Grandma Handschuh (Grandma)
My sweet angel, Emma, I love you very very much.  Give Jesus a hug and kiss for me for His Birthday.  I bet you like to crawl up in his arms all the time don't you?  Just remember all the hugs and kisses you have from everyone who love...  Continue >>
merry christmas baby girl  / Mommy     Read >>
M E R R Y C H R I S T M A S, M Y E M M A  / Grandpa HANDSCHUH (Grandpa)    Read >>
happy thanksgiving  / Mommy     Read >>
Happy Thanksgiving, My Emma  / Grandpa Handschuh (Grandpa)    Read >>
My precious little Emmie  / Nanny (Grandmother)    Read >>
Sweet Emma  / LaVonne Handschuh (Grandma)    Read >>
our new family  / Amber Tusing (mommy)    Read >>
my 3 year old princess  / Mommy     Read >>
TO THE HAPPY 3-YEAR OLD  / Grandpa Handschuh (Grandpa)    Read >>
Emma is a Gorgeous Sweet Princess!  / Mommyofsweeties     Read >>
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Her legacy
preious little emma  
you will never be forgotten. you will always be with us no matter where we go. you are the little baby sister to ethan and micah. you brightened their world from the moment you came home. you let them hold you and play with you. when you first came home you slept so peacefully in your bassinet next to mommy . your smile lit up the room and your giggle and cooing will live on forever. with one look into your baby blue eye you melted everyone' heart. you were just like your mommy in many ways (you know what i mean... haha). you will live on in our thoughts, memories. and hearts untill we can be together again. all our love, mommy, daddy, and , ethan&micah.
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